What’s Up with Windows 11

I recently listened to an interview with Satay Nadella, CEO Chairman of Microsoft who discussed some of the best new features of Windows 11. Any new Windows update will have some controversial reviews, but from what I see, it’s impressive. The Windows development team is trying to keep up with the modern demands of all users and is making some bold partnerships to capture more market share.

One massive optics change is the start button is moving to the center of the screen. The notion of “Center” is important to Windows and I think it may be a play to be more of the center of your software and online activities.

Windows is taking a more open approach to the market place likely due to the recent Anti-Trust lawsuits with Apple and other major software players. Windows is partnering with the Amazon to offer Android Apps to be used on their software. That is COLOSSAL change. I believe the Windows community will benefit from this partnership.

Some other improvements include new sounds and themes – I personally like the alarm sound and play a sample in my video below. There is an option to use multiple Desktops. I dislike when I’m on a work video call and everyone gets a glance of my crowded desktop, I could be more organized.

There is a software feature emphasis for video calls now that we are on work or personal call nearly everyday of our lives.

If you need to know more about any particular new feature in this release or if you are interested in trying a download – I recommend watching more YouTube videos. Several reviews contain a few specific warnings since it is in the beta stage. Most of the review pros always download the test versions on separate PCs from their main device. I would caution anyone from downloading early versions on their primary computer. There are numerous reviews online with more being posted everyday.

You can check out the Microsoft teaser video with comments contained in video

Author: Krist J Walicky

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