Tribute to UNR Executive MBA Class 2021

With my Blog focused on training and development, I’ve created a tribute to one of the best means to improve your academics, personal development, skills, and confidence to succeed in any business. My video pays homage to a remarkable program offered by the University of Nevada, Reno – The online Executive MBA program.

I completed my Executive MBA in 2021, a two-year journey full of unexpected events and challenges. I am so pleased that I decided on this particular program due to the extraordinary leadership and outstanding professors who take a deep interest in supporting mature working students to succeed in the program. My cohort was made up of exceptional leaders and tough-minded learners that powered through some of the most challenging business cases and game theory assignments. The EMBA class of 2021 was the first to succeed at an advanced Strategy Game Theory assignment. It was a fierce group challenge, one where the professor had low expectations since no class in his over 20 years of teaching had won. We did it – as a group and achieved what no other team could realize, the true meaning of a cohort (a group of people banded together, a supporter and companion, together to achieve similar outcomes).

The video will introduce the overall content of a two-year Executive MBA program, illustrate some of the material provided during the program, show the professors and the graduating class of UNR EMBA 2021.

Congratulations to this special team for succeeding at an amazing program!