Learn from the Best!

Online learning is now an increasingly valuable and accepted means of education.  The pandemic accelerated the transition to online learning. It has also improved the technology and promoted the creation of highly digestible educational content and edutainment. I find myself watching far more informative videos on YouTube than watching any news program (although most news programs are available online).

In order to keep your business presentation skills sharp, you’ll want to routinely check-in with the best websites and YouTubers that present latest updates and features of your favorite software. For myself, anytime I need to understand a feature in PowerPoint or attempt a new formula in Excel, I immediately go to YouTube; I simply don’t bother with the in-program help option.

Today, I’m offering three best in class resources relating to Microsoft programs we use everyday. The first recommendation is www.Showeet.com . This site truly offers free PowerPoint templates to download. Many sites claim to offer free downloads; but often it’s some program and there is a hidden fee. Showeet provides a remarkable range of variety for it’s downloads – just be sure to click on the download button because there are a few cleverly ad buttons.

The next recommendation is Leila Gharani’s YouTube site (link). She is approaching one million subscribers and provides consistent and effective videos across the Microsoft platform. It’s my goto site where I will search an Excel or PowerPoint topic because I know her video will quickly answer my questions. She provides timestamps to navigate to a specific topic within her videos.

The third recommendation is Kevin Stratvert (link). He formerly worked for Microsoft and produced numerous official Microsoft product launch videos. He has branched out on his own and now covers more topics in various software. I really enjoy the selection of content, his style, and delivery of the concepts. As an overall tip, I often watch all of my YouTube videos at 1.5X speed since I try to cover as many videos as possible, given my limited available viewing time.

I hope you consider downloading templates from Showeet and watch a few videos from Leila and Kevin.

Author: Krist J Walicky

Hi, my name is Krist J. Walicky and my purpose is to add value to significant complex projects and share the most practical information I have learned.

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